Jessica, I just want to thank and acknowledge you for being so detailed, consistent and persistent. It’s a joy having you on our team.
THANK YOU for being such a bad ass. ~ K. Schuerlein


“Jessica is the most organized person I have ever worked with in the virtual and non-virtual sectors. She came into a role that was quite literally a mess, and turned it around in a matter of days. She is quick on her feet and has no problem making decisions on her own. She requires little supervision…just point her in the right direction and let her go. You can then rest assured that it will be taken care of. She takes control of assigned projects and drives them through to completion. She accesses tough situations with professionalism and grace. She is a complete joy to work with and she certainly makes my life easier. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Jessica on their team is sure to know exactly what a gold mine they have hit. She will take your organization to the next level. No need to worry about things falling through the cracks, because Jessica is there to pick up the pieces”. Jerri Palumbo,VirtuallyAchieved.com


“Jess is a life-saver! In a matter of days she brought about complete organization to a huge project involving dozens of people, and is wonderful to work with. Her project management and organizational skills are phenomenal. ” Purna/Elance


Jess keeps me and my business running at top notch efficiency. She is the most organized and dedicated individual we have ever worked with.  Thank you, Jess!  Lynn Lucas ~Jerome Enterprise Inc.


“It is a great experience working with Jess. Very responsive, fast turnaround and excellent suggestions. I will definitely continue to work with her on future projects.” -Bernhard Schindlholzer


“Jessica helped me build a staff of writers and editors for SDA Network News, an online publication devoted to reporting news and features about important people and events connected with Africa. Jess has been an absolute delight to work with, suggesting people to cover and stories to pursue. The thing I like most about her is that she’s a good listener. I also like that she’s a doer, as opposed to someone who simply talks big and does nothing. She gets things done.” -Earl Smith, Senior Editor, SDA Network News


“Jess is excellent to work with; great experience”. ~ Synovia


“Jess is a delight to work with. Every deadline is met and work is very insightful and accurate. She has a supportive nature and I will work with her every time”. -Regina Stanfield


“Jess, Thank you for your superior service and your timeliness! I would definitely utilize your services again! Thank you so much!”  Vickie L. Evans


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