Business & Operations Management

I can’t stand complication. There is no reason for it and it wastes time.

My focus is always to Analyze, Streamline, Simplify and Automate.

I oversee and manage your business activities and team members.
I make sure every task and role is aligned with the goals of your company.
I keep day-to-day operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible to exceed your expectations.

Implementation of Automated Systems and Daily Management in Key Business Areas:

Team Management
Operations & Business Management
Project Management
Statistics Reporting & Management
Affiliate Management
Financial Management
Database Management
Client Care Management
Resolve Problems
Increase Efficiency

Statistics Reporting & Management

Numbers tell your story. It is vital to understand your statistics in all aspects of your business.
I provide reporting on: sales, social media, website analytics marketing efforts, expenses, revenue, collections, team members and more.


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