“My Problem Lies in Reconciling my Gross Habits with My Net Income.”~ Errol Flynn

“My Problem Lies in Reconciling my Gross Habits with My Net Income.”~ Errol Flynn

Doesn’t it seem like the rich keep getting richer? I sometimes think they are luckier than most or maybe born into a wealthy family but the truth is consistently wealthy people just do things differently.


Not Afraid of Failure

They aren’t afraid of failure, they learn from it. Their fear is in not trying at all and giving up. They don’t perceive failure as an end, only a foundation of which to build on.


They Invest in Themselves

Average people view money spent on themselves as an expense, a luxury, or “blowing their money” as my husband tells me when I go to the spa, but the wealthy strategically invest in themselves because they are always interested in self-improvement and growth.

I feel that going to the spa and getting a massage relieves my tension and puts me back to a peaceful and relaxed state that makes my work more productive and enjoyable. Takeaway: Spa is not blowing money, honey!


They Have a Strong Team

They know they can’t possibly do it all. The wealthy realize in order to grow, they need to let go. They get key people together to support and manage every aspect of their business that is needed so they can continue to stay in the front. They are the vision of the wealth and they realize the importance of a strong team as their foundation.



Humans by nature adapt to our surroundings. We pick up habits and strategies of those in our immediate circle. I personally don’t seek out wealthy people to be wealthy but this same association concept applies to how I connect with positive people. I surround myself with people who see the glass half full because the habits add to what I think and how I live.

Ever hang around a negative person that continually finds fault and complains? I feel like someone has peed on my cookies.


They have a Dedicated Morning Ritual

While most people hit the snooze button then finally drag their butts out of bed 30 min later, wealthy people are already finished with their coffee and increasing their net worth.

They can accomplish more before noon than more people accomplish all week. Why? Because they’re focused on what they want to do and what needs to happen. It’s easy for them because they have planned it out the day before or earlier.

Focus! Focus! Focus!…..and in my case more coffee.


They Review Their Goals Consistently

The wealthy have clearly defined goals and continually review them to track their progress: What is working? What isn’t working? Grow it or change it! They develop strategies and meet their goals.

Most people don’t give a second thought about their futures but the wealthy are reminded daily of exactly where they are headed.
In summary: Get up early with a clear, focused plan everyday. Go to the spa, hang around Donald and don’t let anyone pee in your cookies.

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